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New SNAP Eligibility in California Associated With Improved Food Security and Health


This scatter plot shows “About how much MORE would you need to spend each week to buy just enough food to meet the needs of your household” on the y-axis and “How much money do you receive each month in CalFresh [SNAP] benefits, or how much money do you expect to receive each month in CalFresh [SNAP] benefits?” on the x-axis. Participants who received more money in SNAP benefits per month reported less weekly food budget shortfall at follow-up. The scatter plot includes a line of best fit with a negative slope and an r-squared of 0.066.


Correlation between SNAP benefits and weekly budget shortfall at follow-up. All units are US dollars. A line of best fit has a negative slope and an r2 of 0.066. Abbreviation: SNAP, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

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Page last reviewed: April 1, 2021