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Changes in Physical Activity After Installation of a Fitness Zone in a Community Park


This photograph shows 8 pieces of equipment installed in a park: a 2-person lateral pull, a 2-person back and arms combination resistance, a 2-person vertical arm press, a 2-person chest press, a set of combination bars, a 2-person sit-up bench, a parallel dip and stretch machine, and polymetric steps. The background shows that the park is close to the street. Trees, small buildings, and cars are also shown.

Figure 1.
Fitness zone in Eastgate Park, Garden Grove, 2016. Photography by Mojgan Sami.

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This Google Maps Image shows an aerial view of Eastgate Park which is a small park in a suburban neighborhood in Garden Grove, California. The park is divided into five quadrants with a public pool visible in the center, a community center visible towards the right hand side of the image and a covered picnic area in the left hand side of the image. There are clusters of trees, a playground and green spaces visible.

Figure 2.
Aerial map of Eastgate Park, Garden Grove, 2015. Researchers divided the park into 5 target areas. Target area 3 encompasses the site of the fitness zone, which was installed in December 2015. Image obtained from Google Maps (www.google.com/maps/place/Eastgate+Park/@33.7884134,-118.0346572,156m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m5!3m4!1s0x80dd2f26e4a34b8b:0xfb28efa20564369!8m2!3d33.788409!4d-118.03411), and graphics were added by the researchers.

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Figure 3.
Distribution of activity levels in Eastgate Park at preintervention and postintervention, by target area and overall, Garden Grove, California, 2015–2016. Percentages were calculated on the basis of person-periods, defined as the contribution to the study of a single park user who occupied a target area for all or part of a 15-minute period.

Target Area Intervention Status Percentage Activity Level
1 Pre 38.3 Sedentary
1 Pre 36.1 Walking
1 Pre 25.7 Vigorous
1 Post 10.4 Sedentary
1 Post 62.8 Walking
1 Post 26.8 Vigorous
2 Pre 17.0 Sedentary
2 Pre 43.2 Walking
2 Pre 39.8 Vigorous
2 Post 19.3 Sedentary
2 Post 48.5 Walking
2 Post 32.2 Vigorous
3 Pre 16.3 Sedentary
3 Pre 63.9 Walking
3 Pre 19.7 Vigorous
3 Post 12.9 Sedentary
3 Post 56.3 Walking
3 Post 30.7 Vigorous
4 Pre 16.2 Sedentary
4 Pre 41.5 Walking
4 Pre 42.3 Vigorous
4 Post 4.0 Sedentary
4 Post 85.4 Walking
4 Post 10.6 Vigorous
5 Pre 47.5 Sedentary
5 Pre 15.3 Walking
5 Pre 37.3 Vigorous
5 Post 18.6 Sedentary
5 Post 62.1 Walking
5 Post 19.2 Vigorous
Overall Pre 47.5 Sedentary
Overall Pre 15.3 Walking
Overall Pre 37.3 Vigorous
Overall Post 18.6 Sedentary
Overall Post 62.1 Walking
Overall Post 19.2 Vigorous

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