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Linking Data From Health Surveys and Electronic Health Records: A Demonstration Project in Two Chicago Health Center Clinics


Self-reported health behaviors of a convenience sample, study linking self-reported survey data with electronic health record data, 2 Chicago health clinics, 2014.

Self-Reported Health Behavior N (%)
Always or nearly always use a seat belt 428 (90.0)
Watch or reduce sodium intake 404 (60.2)
Consumed one or more alcoholic beverages within past 30 days 453 (59.6)
Engage in leisure-time physical activity 429 (58.3)
Consume 5 or more servings daily of fruits and vegetables 434 (42.2)
Currently smoke cigarettes 438 (35.4)
Increased medication use without medical advice within past 30 days 428 (8.9)

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