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POP UP TEST_1 Day Effect of COVID-19 Stay-At-Home Mandate on Mental Health and Physical Activity

A recent study of adults in Mexico found that those who maintained or increased their physical activity during a stay-at-home period initiated at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic had lower levels of anxiety, stress, and depression than those who did not. Learn more.

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March is Women’s History Month

This month we celebrate the achievements and legacies of all women. PCD is grateful for the women working in all areas of public health, mental health, and medicine to help improve population health around the world.

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Experiences of Washington State Small Businesses in the COVID-19 Pandemic

New research shows that employers of small businesses felt unprepared for the unexpected health crisis created by the COVID-19 pandemic and were unfamiliar with their local health department and did not look to it for information. Read the related article.

PCD Call for Papers on Combating Racism
PCD Call for Papers on Combating Racism

PCD is interested in publishing peer-reviewed papers offering insights into the roles of public health, medicine, and policy to combat all forms of racism through research, training, practice, and public health policies. Learn more.

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Effects of Upstream and Downstream Chronic Disease Prevention Strategies
Cigarette Smoking Is Higher Among Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Populations Than Heterosexual Populations
Screen-based Sedentary Behaviors and Metabolic Syndrome
PCD's Commitment to Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in its Scientific Leadership, Peer-Review Process Research Focus, Training, and Continuing Education

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