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checkboxThe article is not better suited as another type of article, such as Original Research, Community Case Study, or Essay.

checkboxThe article is of interest to PCD readers.

checkboxThe article fits the mission of PCD to address the interface between applied prevention research and public health practice in chronic disease prevention.

checkboxThe article clearly focuses on a particular disease, a particular population, or some other aspect of reducing or preventing chronic disease.

checkboxThe importance of the topic is explained.

checkboxThe article adds substantially to what is already known about public health practice.

checkboxA unique, unusual, or new perspective is provided.

checkboxThe article is clearly and concisely written and is free of jargon.

checkboxThe article is well organized and follows a logical sequence.

checkboxThe article is timely.

checkboxThe author’s reasoning is justified with evidence.

checkboxTechnical terms are defined.

checkboxAny method presented is completely described.

checkboxAny statistical or analytical methods used are appropriate and adequately described.

checkboxAny sample described was large enough to produce meaningful results.

checkboxThe tables and figures are well constructed, easy to comprehend, and visually appealing.

checkboxAny results presented are explained well and are credible.

checkboxConcise conclusions are presented.

checkboxThe conclusions are supported by evidence.

checkboxThe conclusions include appropriate caveats.

checkboxImplications for public health are discussed.

checkboxFuture research directions are discussed.

checkboxFunding sources are identified in the Acknowledgments.

checkboxCitations are up to date and relevant.

checkboxThe title correctly reflects the content of the article

checkboxThe abstract correctly reflects the content of the article.

checkboxThe article has no more than 2,500 words and 25 references; the abstract has no more than 150 words.


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