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checkboxThe title accurately reflects the content of the manuscript.

checkboxThe article fits the mission of the journal to address the interface between applied research and public health practice in chronic disease prevention.

checkboxThe manuscript is clearly and concisely written and is free of jargon.

checkboxEach section of the manuscript includes the appropriate elements. The sections are clearly delineated.

checkboxThe citations are up to date and relevant.

checkboxAll statements requiring citations have citations.

checkboxSoftware used to generate map is cited.

checkboxThe article has no more than 1,000 words and 15 references.

checkboxNo more than 1 non-map figure (eg, graph, chart, photograph) is permitted.


checkboxThe map is well constructed, easy to comprehend, and visually appealing.

checkboxThe map is accompanied by a title and a brief text caption/legend of 75 words or fewer summarizing the main messages of the map and their importance. The caption text mirrors the action statements or the statement of purpose in the narrative.

checkboxAll data sources are cited at the end of the caption/legend, and each data source is cited in the list of references.

checkboxBelow the legend, the author has described the map in text so that a visually impaired reader will be able to comprehend what the map shows. This text is known as alternative text for the visually impaired. This information will appear on a separate web page. If the data is more easily shown in tabular format, a table can be provided instead of text.

checkboxInformation in the map is consistent with information in the text.

checkboxThe map stands independently without explanation from the text.

checkboxMaps should contain a compass that indicates direction and a scale that indicates distance.

checkboxMaps should use shading instead of cross-hatching; patterns can be difficult to discern.


The opinions expressed by authors contributing to this journal do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Public Health Service, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or the authors’ affiliated institutions.

Page last reviewed: May 2, 2022