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GIS Snapshots


checkboxHave you read through the description of the GIS Snapshots Article Type?
checkboxDoes the title accurately represent the content on the map?
checkboxDoes the article align with the journal’s mission?
checkboxIs the manuscript clear, concise, and jargon-free?
checkboxDoes the manuscript contain the required sections (Map Caption, Purpose, Data and Methods, Highlights, Action) and are they well-defined?
checkboxDoes the submission include alternate text for the visually impaired?
checkboxIs the map caption 75 words or less?
checkboxAre references current and relevant? Are there ≤15 references?
checkboxAre software and data sources mentioned in the caption with their full citations provided in the references list?
checkboxIs there no more than 1 nonmap figure? Is there no more than 1 table?
checkboxIs the word count ≤1,000?
checkboxIs the graphic 8.5 x 11 portrait orientation?
checkboxDoes the cover letter provide a cartographic statement?
checkboxIs the caption’s text separate from the graphic and not embedded?
checkboxDoes the caption alone convey the map’s meaning without reading the article’s narrative?

Map Elements
checkboxIs the map title clear, concise, and descriptive?
checkboxIs the orientation of the map (north arrow) marked?
checkboxIs the scale of the map indicated?
checkboxHas a full citation for the data source(s) been provided in the references list?

Cover Letter
checkboxDoes the cover letter describe the method you chose for creating class breaks? (Common methods include Jenk’s natural breaks, quantile, equal interval, standard deviation, or a customized method by the map author.)
checkboxDoes the cover letter indicate why you choose this method?
checkboxDoes the cover letter provide the reason for number of classes chosen?

Color Symbols
checkboxDid you use resources for choosing color symbols on a map (eg, ColorBrewer)?
checkboxIs the symbolization scheme sensitive to a central value (eg, 0, 1, or some mean/median value) for quantitative data? If so, did you use a diverging color palette? If not, did you choose a sequential color palette?
checkboxIs the map’s color scheme accessible to color-blind readers?
checkboxIs the map understandable when printed in black and white?
checkboxIs your map a bivariate map with a 2-variable key or legend?

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