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Welcome to the NIOSH Respiratory Protection Information Trusted Source page. This resource provides information ranging from basic respirator facts to more complex subjects on respirator function and performance.

The NIOSH National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory is responsible for administering NIOSH’s Respirator Approval Program and approves all respirators used in U.S. occupational settings. The NIOSH approval process ensures respirators meet minimum construction, performance, and respiratory protection standards. Therefore, users can be confident that NIOSH-approved respirators will provide the expected level of protection.

Millions of workers across the United States rely on respiratory protection to keep them safe on the job. This includes workers in occupations such as healthcare, construction, public safety, emergency response, and mining. To reduce exposure to respiratory hazards, it’s best to apply the hierarchy of controls. The use of respiratory protection is an important “last line of defense” in the hierarchy of controls approach.

Below are links to resources that will help you identify NIOSH-approved respirators and understand how to use them effectively.

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Page last reviewed: May 5, 2021