NPPTL Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response

Updated April 16, 2021

Important Update

As a consequence of the removal of these crisis capacity strategies, NPPTL will no longer conduct any of the Respirator Assessments to Support the COVID-19 Response.

Beyond Shelf Life/Stockpiled Assessment Results

NPPTL has completed Beyond Shelf Life/Stockpiled Assessments for the products listed below. In addition to the assessments below, NIOSH conducted a study of stockpiled respirators across the United States. The results of this study can be found here.

The products tested are NIOSH-approved, or, were NIOSH-approved in the past. Some of these products have been voluntarily rescinded by the manufacturer, and in some cases, the manufacturer is no longer making the product.

NPPTL makes no representation as to the authenticity of the samples received and assessed, and cannot attest to the storage conditions. As part of its standard respirator approval process for NIOSH-approved respirators, NIOSH conducts a comprehensive quality assurance review of the quality process and manufacturing site. None of these reviews were conducted during this limited assessment

NIOSH regulation sets the minimum quality and performance requirements for the approval of respirators. NIOSH does not have requirements for shelf life or storage conditions for particulate-only air purifying respirators (APRs), such as filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs). The approval holder (i.e. the entity that is granted the approval from NIOSH) is responsible for understanding how their products’ design and performance may be affected by various use or storage conditions and must provide instruction for establishing the proper use, storage, and maintenance procedures for their approved products, which may include designating a shelf life. The FFR packaging (such as the box) must include NIOSH-approved user instructions and label information, and if designated by the manufacturer, recommendations on shelf life. Additionally, some approval holders also disseminate recommendations related to storage and shelf life through resources such as user and web notices. The respirators tested were generally not designed for long-term storage.

The results presented herein are for a subset of FFRs that are NIOSH-approved, or, were NIOSH-approved, beyond or approaching their designated shelf life, that were provided to NPPTL for assessment.

International Assessment Results
Manufacturer Model Designated
Shelf Life
Filtration Efficiency (%) Test Report
Maximum Minimum
3M 8511 None Specified Yes 98.44 97.09 2020-04.1pdf icon
3M 9210 None Specified Yes 99.65 98.06 2020-267.1pdf icon
3M 1870 None Specified Yes 99.89 99.30 2020-318.1pdf icon
3M 1860S None Specified Yes 98.66 97.51 2020-318.2pdf icon
3M 1860 None Specified Yes 99.35 98.57 2020-318.3pdf icon
3M 9210 None Specified Yes 99.90 99.11 2020-397.1pdf icon
Aearo Technologies 1050S None Specified No 96.12 92.13 2020-191.1pdf icon
Aearo Technologies 1054 None Specified No 100.00 97.27 2020-191.2pdf icon
A.R. Medicom Inc. M2321 None Specified Yes 97.68 76.07 2021-18.1pdf icon
Bacou-Dalloz Hong Kong Ltd. Bacou Willson 801 None Specified Yes 99.20 98.14 2020-345.1pdf icon
Handan Hengyong Protective and Clean Products Co., Ltd. HY8510
(LOT # SW090901)
None Specified No 85.50 71.40 2020-116.1pdf icon
Handan Hengyong Protective and Clean Products Co., Ltd. HY8510
(LOT # SW091109)
None Specified No 99.50 86.30 2020-116.2pdf icon
Handan Hengyong Protective and Clean Products Co., Ltd. HY8510
(LOT # SW090901)
None Specified No 94.00 82.80 2020-114.1pdf icon
Handan Hengyong Protective and Clean Products Co., Ltd. HY8510
(LOT # SW091208)
None Specified No 94.00 69.20 2020-114.2pdf icon
Inovel, LLC MFRN95-ML None Specified No 99.61 96.99 2020-198.1pdf icon
Inovel, LLC 3002N95-M None Specified No 99.64 98.88 2020-198.2pdf icon
Inovel, LLC 1511 None Specified Yes 99.32 97.88 2020-297.1pdf icon
Kimberly-Clark PFR95-174 None Specified Yes 97.49 95.77 2020-182.1pdf icon
Makrite Industries Inc. for Cardinal Health N95-ML None Specified Yes 99.76 99.52 2020-347.1pdf icon
Safe Life B130 None Specified No 99.66 99.36 2020-14.1pdf icon
Safe Life B130 None Specified No 98.17 89.80 2020-16.1pdf icon
Safe Life B130 10/2020 No 99.47 98.97 2020-64.1pdf icon
Safe Life B150 None Specified No 99.53 98.83 2020-14.1pdf icon
Safe Life B150 None Specified No 93.74 87.10 2020-16.1pdf icon
Safe Life B150 10/2020 No 99.64 98.95 2020-64.2pdf icon
Safe Life A430 None Specified No 95.53 84.80 2020-128.1pdf icon
Safe Life A450 None Specified No 98.41 70.30 2020-128.2pdf icon
Safe Life A450 None Specified No 96.83 81.00 2020-239.1pdf icon
Safe Life Corporation A450 None Specified No 97.75 87.10 2020-374.1pdf icon
Safe Life Corporation A430 None Specified No 97.67 95.96 2020-374.2pdf icon
Shanghai Gangkai Purifying Products Co., Ltd. GIKO 1200 None Specified Yes 97.04 84.00 2020-239.2pdf icon
TrioMed B130 None Specified No 99.92 99.42 2020-16.1pdf icon
TrioMed Innovations Corp. 112410 None Specified No 99.87 99.66 2020-364.1pdf icon

At this time, we do not have enough information to definitively know the level of protection that may be provided by respirators that 1) are stored for prolonged periods of times; 2) are stored under various storage conditions; or 3) have exceeded the approval holder’s designated shelf life. Users of respirators that have exceeded the designated shelf life should be forewarned to avoid a false sense of confidence; these devices may not provide the same level of protection as those that have not exceeded the designated shelf life. NIOSH recommends contacting the approval holder(s) of the respirators with specific questions regarding the use of product beyond the manufacturer-designated shelf life.

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