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16. Obstetric procedures

Category: Prenatal Care and Pregnancy History

BC # 43

16. Obstetric procedures
Definitions Medical treatment or invasive or manipulative procedure performed during this pregnancy to treat the pregnancy or to manage labor or delivery.

If the mother has had none of the procedures, check “none of the above.”


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Keywords and Abbreviations

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External cephalic version
Definitions Attempted conversion of a fetus from a nonvertex to a vertex presentation by external manipulation.
  • Successful
    Fetus was converted to a vertex presentation.
  • Failed
    Fetus was not converted to a vertex presentation.

If checked, also indicate whether the procedure was a success or a failure.

If more than one attempt, report results of most recent attempt.

Sources 1st  Prenatal care record under
  • Problem list
  • Historical risk summary
  • Complications this pregnancy
  • Factors this pregnancy

2nd  Labor and delivery nursing admission triage form under

  • Complications
  • Comments

3rd  Admission history and physical (H&P) under

  • Current pregnancy history
  • Medical history
  • Problem list/findings

4th  Delivery record under

  • Maternal OB/labor summary
  • Labor and delivery
Keywords and Abbreviations Successful version:
  • Breech version
  • External version

Failed version:

  • Unsuccessful external version
  • Attempted version
  • Failed version

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