National Vital Statistics System

6. Date of the first prenatal care visit

Category: Prenatal Care and Pregnancy History

BC # 29a

FDFWS # 6a

FDR # 23a

Definitions, instructions, sources, keywords and abbreviations

The date a physician or other health care professional first examined or counseled the pregnancy woman for the pregnancy.

Information obtained on prenatal care received in countries other than the United States and in languages other than English is permitted and should be used.


Enter the month, day, and year of the first prenatal care visit.

If date information is incomplete, enter all parts of the date that are known. Report “unknown” for any parts of the date that are missing.

If mother’s earliest prenatal care records are not available (e.g., the date of the first prenatal care visit is unavailable because the mother transferred her prenatal care and the first records are unavailable), report “unknown.”

If “no prenatal care,” check the box and enter “0” for item “total number of prenatal care visits.”

Sources 1st     Prenatal care record under
  • Intake information
  • Initial physical examination
  • Prenatal visit flow sheet
  • Current pregnancy
Keywords and Abbreviations PNC – Prenatal care

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