National Vital Statistics System

12. Number of other pregnancy outcomes

Category: Prenatal Care and Pregnancy History

BC # 36a

Definitions, instructions, sources, keywords and abbreviations

Total number of other pregnancy outcomes that did not result in a live birth.

Includes pregnancy losses of any gestation age.

Examples: spontaneous or induced losses or ectopic pregnancy.


Include all previous pregnancy losses that did not result in a live birth.

If no previous pregnancy losses, check “none.”

For multiple deliveries:

Include any losses regardless of gestational age occurred before the delivery of this infant. This could include losses occurring in this pregnancy or in a previous pregnancy.

Sources 1st  Prenatal care record under –
  • Gravida section – “A” (abortion or miscarriage)
  • PARA section – “A”
  • Pregnancy history information – comments, complications
  • Previous OB history – comments, complications
  • Past pregnancy history – comments, complications

2nd  Labor and delivery nursing admission triage form

3rd  Admission history and physical (H&P)

Keywords and Abbreviations


Fetal demise

AB – Abortion induced

SAB – Spontaneous abortion

TAB – Therapeutic abortion

Abortion spontaneous

Septic abortion

Ectopic pregnancy

Tubal pregnancy

FDIU – Fetal death in-utero

IUFD – Intrauterine fetal death

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