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7. Total number of prenatal care visits for this pregnancy

Category: Prenatal Care and Pregnancy History

BC # 30

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The total number of visits recorded in the record.

A prenatal visit is one in which the physician or other health care professional examines or counsels the pregnant woman for her pregnancy.

Information obtained on prenatal care received in countries other than the United States and in languages other than English is permitted and should be used.

Do not include visits for laboratory and other testing in which a physician or health care professional did not examine or counsel the pregnant woman.

Do not include classes, such as childbirth classes, where the physician or health care professional did not provide individual care to the pregnant woman.


Access the most recent prenatal records available. If up-to-date records are not available, contact the prenatal care provider for the most current information.

Count the prenatal visits recorded in the record. Exclude visits for laboratory and other tests or classes in which the mother was not seen by a physician or other health care professional for pregnancy-related care. If it is not clear whether the mother was seen by a physician or other health care professional, include the visit(s) in the total number.

Count only visits recorded in the most current record available. Do not estimate additional prenatal visits when the prenatal record is not up-to-date. If the mother transferred prenatal care and records from previous providers are not available, count records from the most recent provider.

Enter the total number of prenatal visits.

If no visits are recorded, enter “0.” If the number of prenatal visits is equal to 0, the “no prenatal care” box should also be checked for item “Date of first prenatal care visit.”

NOTE: If the mother is hospitalized for pregnancy-related reasons, check the hospital medical records for information on the mother’s stay and count 1 visit for each week in the hospital. For example, if the hospital stay is 3 weeks, add 3 visits to the total number of visits; if less than one week (1-6 days), one visit should be added.

Sources 1st  Prenatal care record under–
Prenatal visit flow sheet (count visits)
Keywords and Abbreviations PNC – Prenatal care

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