National Vital Statistics System

5. Place where birth occurred (Birthplace)

Category: Facility Information

BC # 26


FDR # 7

Definitions, instructions, sources, keywords and abbreviations

The type of place where the birth occurred.

  • Hospital
  • Freestanding birthing center – No direct physical connection with an operative delivery center.
  • Home birth – The birth occurred at a private residence.
  • Clinic/ doctor’s office
  • Other

Check the box that best describes the type of place where the birth occurred.

If home birth is checked, check whether the home birth was planned. If unknown whether a planned home birth write “unknown.”

If “Other,” specify taxi, train, plane, etc.


1st Admission history and physical (H&P) under
General Admission under

  • Admitted from home, doctor’s office, other or
  • Problem list or findings

2nd Delivery record under

  • Delivery information
  • Labor and delivery summary (L&D)
  • Maternal obstetric (OB) or labor summary under – delivery

3rd Basic admission data

4th Progress notes or Note

Keywords and Abbreviations FBC – Freestanding birthing center

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