National Vital Statistics System

9. Number of previous live births now living

Category: Prenatal Care and Pregnancy History

BC # 35a


FDR # 29a

Definitions, instructions, sources, keywords and abbreviations
Definitions The total number of previous live-born infants now living.

Do not include this infant.

Include all previous live-born infants who are still living.

For multiple deliveries:

Include all live-born infants before this infant in the pregnancy.

If the first born, do not include this infant.

If the second born, include the first born, etc.

If no previous live-born infants, check “none.”

See “Attachment to the Facility Worksheet for the Live Birth Certificate for Multiple Births.”

Sources 1st  Prenatal care record under–
  • Intake information
  • Gravida section–L (living)–last number in series
  • Para section– L– last number in series
  • Pregnancy history information
  • Previous OB history
  • Past pregnancy history

2nd Labor and delivery nursing admission triage form under
Patient data

3rd   Admission history and physical (H&P)

Keywords and Abbreviations

L – Now living

Look for:

G – Gravida – Total number of pregnancies

P – Para – Previous live births and fetal deaths > 28 weeks of gestation

T – Term – Delivered at 37 to 40 weeks gestation

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