National Vital Statistics System

10. Number of previous live births now dead

Category: Prenatal Care and Pregnancy History

BC # 35b

FDFWS # 10

FDR # 29b

Definitions, instructions, sources, keywords and abbreviations
Definitions The total number of previous live-born infants now dead.

Do not include this infant.

Include all previous live-born infants who are no longer living.

For multiple deliveries:

Include all live-born infants before this infant in the pregnancy who are now dead.

If the first born, do not include this infant.

If the second born, include the first born, etc.

If no previous live-born infants now dead, check “none.”

See “Attachment to the Facility Worksheet for the Live Birth Certificate for Multiple Births.”

Sources 1st Prenatal care record under
  • Pregnancy history information – comments, complications
  • Previous OB history – comments, complications
  • Past pregnancy history – comments, complications

2nd Admission history and physical (H&P)

Keywords and Abbreviations

Look for:

G – Gravida – Total number of pregnancies

P – Para – Previous live births and fetal deaths > 28 weeks of gestation

T – Term – Delivered at 37 to 40 weeks gestation


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