Interactive Data Query Systems

Looking for a particular estimate from the NHIS?

Interactive data query systems are now available for preliminary and final data.

Information on obtaining historical estimates from 2018 and earlier is available at the bottom of this page.


Interested in an estimate based on preliminary data from the 2022 NHIS? They are available quarterly or biannually, and the biannual system includes estimates by select population subgroups.


Interested in an estimate based on final data from the 2019 – 2021 NHIS? They are available for adults and children and include estimates by various population subgroups.

Historical NHIS Estimates

Summary Health Statistics for 2015-2018 are available as part of a pilot interactive data query system for adults and children, while estimates from 2013-2018 are provided in a series of online tables.

For the 1997–2012 NHIS, Summary Health Statistics were provided in three Vital and Health Statistics Series 10 Reports (one each for adults, children, and the whole population), and for the 1962–1996 NHIS, similar descriptive statistics were provided in Current Estimates reports, which were also Vital and Health Statistics Series 10 Reports.