Your Participation

Why should I participate?

How was I chosen for the survey?

Your address was selected to participate in NHIS through a scientific process. The survey system does not know who lives at each address. Every month, about 5,500 addresses are chosen across the country. Everyone has a chance to be picked. This process makes it possible for the addresses selected to represent everyone in the United States.

You cannot be replaced!

The survey needs to represent the whole United States. This can only be done by selecting addresses through a scientific process. Only people who live at selected addresses can be in the survey. You are needed to participate to make the survey results accurate. Participation is voluntary, but you cannot be replaced with another person.

I am not sick—why should I take part in a health survey?

This is a survey of the nation’s health. Doctors, researchers, and public health workers need to know how many people are sick and why they are sick. They also want to know how many people are healthy and what makes them healthy. Everyone’s answers are important.

What should I expect?

  1. A U.S. Census Bureau interviewer (with Census Bureau ID) will come to your home.
  2. He or she will ask you a few questions about the people living at this address.
  3. A computer will randomly pick one adult and, in households with children, one child for the interview.
  4. The interviewer will ask one adult about his or her own health and ask a family member about the health of one child.

Click here for more information about how your data is used.

How long does it take?

Data are collected through personal household interviews conducted by interviewers employed and trained by the U.S. Census Bureau according to procedures specified by NCHS.