Louisiana Tracking Program

Website: http://lepht.dhh.la.gov/External
Email: tracking@la.gov


Through strong partnerships, the Louisiana (LA) Tracking Program aims to use their data tool and their resources to:

  • inform policies
  • aid in public health planning and response
  • promote further study and research in public and environmental health and
  • educate communities throughout the state to assist them in making more informed decisions about their health.

Quick Stats:

Louisiana repeatedly has ranked below the national averages for public health and environmental quality. Public health and environmental issues such as oil spills, carbon monoxide poisonings, and well water contamination are just a few of the problems that affect Louisiana. According to the Louisiana Cancer Prevention and Control Program (LCP) reportCdc-pdfExternal, between 2010 and 2014, Louisiana had the third highest incidence and fourth highest death rate of colorectal cancer in the nation.


Important events and achievements of the tracking program

Louisiana swamp

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    Louisiana Tracking Program established with CDC funding

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    Launched the LA Tracking site in partnership with the Department’s Bureau for Health Informatics

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    Upgraded LA Tracking siteExternal to include dual, linked data views

Unique Data:

In addition to the set of standard data collected and displayed by all state and local tracking programs, individual programs may host data that are important to their populations.

More Information:

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