Information for Healthcare Providers

For information and guidance related to animals and COVID-19, visit COVID-19 Pets and Other Animals.

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Physicians and other healthcare providers should be aware of the risk for zoonotic diseases in pets, farm animals, and wildlife, as well as the risk of diseases spreading between animals and their owners or caretakers. Healthcare providers should counsel patients on prevention practices, including how to stay safe and healthy around animals. Healthcare providers should consider asking about contact with animals at home or away from home. This might include asking about pets, possible workplace exposures, and leisure activities. Healthcare providers should also always consider the potential for a zoonotic infection when seeing sick patients. Patients at higher risk for serious illness with zoonotic infections include children under 5 years old, people with weakened immune systems, adults 65 and older, and, in many cases, pregnant women.

The following resources include current guidelines on specific zoonotic disease topics, educational resources, and references to disease-specific information.

Guidelines and Recommendations

Zoonotic Disease Outbreak Information

In addition to disease-specific information, CDC provides a list of current and recent US outbreaks of zoonotic diseases, including information for clinicians specific to these outbreaks.

Highlighted Publications

CDC Expert Commentaries

Resources for Patients

Use these resources to give patients information on staying healthy around animals.

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Adopt these healthy pet habits

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How to check your pet for ticks

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Disease-Specific Resources

CDC offers information for healthcare providers about many of the common zoonotic infections that may affect patients.