Pets & Antibiotic Resistance

cat facing camera on clinical table

Antimicrobial/antibiotic resistance can affect the health of people and animals. Antibiotics are an important tool to treat some diseases caused by bacteria, but using antibiotics inappropriately can lead to the development of germs that are resistant to the drugs commonly used to treat them.  These antibiotic-resistant germs can spread between people, animals, food, and the environment. The more antibiotic-resistant germs there are, the harder it is to treat serious infections in people and animals.

Antibiotics should be used responsibly in people and animals, including pets, to help prevent more antibiotic-resistant germs from developing.  Use antibiotics only when needed, and follow the instructions given by your healthcare provider or veterinary professional. Talk with your healthcare provider and veterinarian about responsible antibiotic use to keep people and pets healthy.

Using our antibiotics appropriately means we preserve them for future use to fight diseases.

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