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Reference Cards

These reference cards provide information for veterinarians, physicians, and the general public about Harmful Algal Blooms (HABs).

Physician Reference Card

	Physician reference card

Message: What we know about exposure to HAB toxins and possible health effects.

Audience: Designed for physicians.

Reference Card: Physician Reference: Cyanobacteria Blooms. [PDF - 2 pages]

Pet Safety Card

	Pet safety tall card

Message: Health and safety tips for pets and livestock.

Audience: Designed for the general public.

Reference Card: Animal Safety Alert: Cyanobacteria Blooms. [PDF - 2 pages]

Veterinarian Reference Card

	Veterinarian reference card

Message: Health effects from exposure to HAB toxins derived from reports of animal poisonings.

Audience: Designed for veterinarians.

Reference Card: Veterinarian Reference: Cyanobacteria Blooms. [PDF - 2 pages]