Investing in States: Map

Find Antibiotic Resistance Activities in your State

The Antibiotic Resistance (AR) Investment Map showcases CDC activities in the U.S. and abroad to meet national goals, underlining the agency’s continued commitment to combat antibiotic resistance. Users can get printable global-, state-, and city-specific fact sheets that describe how CDC invests in activities and find state-reported successes. The map currently provides information about fiscal year 2020 funds and shows early progress by states and the nation. The information is updated yearly.

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CDC 2020 Investment Map

About CDC Investments

CDC’s AR Solutions Initiative invests in national infrastructure to detect, respond, contain, and prevent resistant infections across healthcare settings, food, and communities. Through these investments, CDC is transforming how the nation and world combats and slows antibiotic resistance at all levels.

This map represents CDC’s largest funding categories for antibiotic resistance and is focused on extramural funding that supports antibiotic resistance activities from multiple funding lines. CDC distributed the largest extramural portion of funding to support all 50 state health departments, several local health departments, and Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The map also includes fact sheets highlighting CDC’s innovation work efforts related to combating AR.