Case #150 – February, 2005

A 28-year-old previously healthy man had a physical examination, including a chest x-ray, as one of his pre-employment requirements. The man had emigrated from Bulgaria approximately one year prior to the examination. The x-ray showed a cyst-like lesion in his right lung. The cyst was later surgically removed, and sent to pathology for identification. The cyst measured 3-4 cm in diameter. The following images were captured from a hematoxylin and eosin (H & E) stained section of the cyst. Figure A was captured at 40× magnification, and Figure B at 200×. What is your diagnosis? Based on what criteria?

Figure A

Figure B

Images presented in the DPDx case studies are from specimens submitted for diagnosis or archiving. On rare occasions, clinical histories given may be partly fictitious.

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