Other Specimens – Tissue Specimens

Tissue samples, including biopsies, surgical or necropsy specimens, collected for possible detection of parasites, should be submitted to the hospital pathologist. Specimens may be forwarded to the Division of Parasitic Diseases at CDC if further identification is necessary. Specimens may be submitted in several forms, including sectioned and stained slides, tissue blocks, or preserved tissues from cases that have a high suspicion of containing parasite material. In most instances, routinely stained hematoxylin and eosin sections are suitable for examination for parasitic agents, and many times, an accurate identification of the parasite can be established in tissue sections. Occasionally, additional sections are required to further the diagnosis. Ship samples according to shipping guidelines and requirements (see shipping guidelines). Care should be taken to pack glass slides securely, as they can be damaged in shipment if not packed in a crush proof container.

For additional information about tissue specimens, call the Division of Parasitic Diseases, at (404) 718-4110.

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