Serum/Plasma Specimens – Specimen Requirements

Serum/plasma is required for all parasitic disease immunodiagnostic tests. A single sample is usually sufficient; acute and convalescent specimens are not necessary. CSF and eye fluids (vitreous or aqueous) are acceptable for selected diseases (see below) and MUST be accompanied by a serum specimen.

Serum for all tests: 0.5 ml serum/plasma separated from RBC’s before shipping.

CSF: 0.5 ml. Acceptable only for cysticercosis and baylisascariasis testing.

Eye fluids: 0.1 ml neat fluid (no washings). Acceptable only for toxocariasis.

For additional information on serology specimen requirements/shipping, call the Division of Parasitic Diseases Reference Immunodiagnostic Laboratory at (404) 718-4100.

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