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Proposed Approach for Initiating the Youth Research Cohort

The posted Federal Register Notice and the Request for Information are opportunities for the scientific, outreach, and industry communities to provide input throughout the four phased approach outlined below. This multi-step approach will be updated as input is received and incorporated:

  1. Phase 1: Community Engagement

    Gather sufficient information from educators, scientists, and community members on options for establishing a youth cohort that will efficiently support future research.

  2. Phase 2: Options Development

    Use the information gathered in Phase 1 to develop a set of options for moving forward with establishing the youth cohort.

  3. Phase 3: Options Ranking

    Engage community in ranking the options developed in Phase 2.

  4. Phase 4: Option Selection and Implementation

    Use the information from Phase 3 to select the preferred option(s) for establishing the youth cohort.