Questions and Answers About Vaccines During Pregnancy

Are Vaccines Safe During Pregnancy?

Some vaccines are safe and recommended for pregnant women. These vaccines help keep pregnant women and their developing babies healthy.

 CDC’s Immunization and Pregnancy Flyer


Which Vaccines Should I Receive if I am Pregnant?

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, the specific vaccines you need are determined by your age, lifestyle, medical conditions, travel, and previous vaccinations.

CDC’s Immunization and Pregnancy flyer Cdc-pdf[PDF – 167 KB] shows the vaccines you might need before, during, and after a pregnancy.


Can a Vaccine Harm My Developing Baby?

Some vaccines, especially vaccines made using live strains of a virus, should not be given to pregnant women because they may be harmful to the baby. The recommendations for which vaccines to get during pregnancy, and in which trimester, are developed with highest concern for the safety of both mothers and babies in mind.


Are Vaccines Safe If I am Breastfeeding?

Yes. It is safe for a woman to receive routine vaccines right after giving birth, even while she is breastfeeding.


What if I Receive a Vaccine and Then Learn That I am Pregnant?

 CDC’s Immunization and Pregnancy chart

Some vaccines are not recommended during pregnancy, such as:

If you receive any of these vaccines and then find out that you are pregnant, talk to your doctor. In most cases, there is no cause for concern.

CDC’s Immunization and Pregnancy chart Cdc-pdf[PDF – 180 KB] shows all recommended vaccines and whether or not they are recommended during pregnancy.

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