Travel Alert

There is an ongoing outbreak of extensively drug-resistant typhoid fever in Pakistan. Travelers to Pakistan and other South Asian countries should take precautions:

If you are traveling to a country where typhoid fever is common, consider being vaccinated against typhoid fever. Visit a doctor or travel clinic to discuss options. Remember that you should complete the vaccinations at least 1–2 weeks (depending on vaccine type) before you travel so that the vaccine has time to take effect. Typhoid vaccines lose effectiveness after several years. If you were vaccinated in the past, ask your doctor to if it is time for a booster vaccination. Taking antibiotics will not prevent typhoid fever; they only help treat it.


Basic Information on Typhoid Vaccines Available in the United States
See Vaccine Information Statements (VIS) for more information.
Abbreviated vaccine name (brand name, manufacturer) How given Number of doses recommended When taken How long to complete immunization before travel Minimum age for vaccination Booster needed
Ty21a (Vivotif, Swiss PaxVax) 1 capsule by mouth 4 Every other day 1 week 6 years Every 5 years
ViCPS (Typhim Vi, Sanofi Pasteur) Injection 1 Once 2 weeks 2 years Every 2 years

The parenteral heat-phenol-inactivated vaccine (manufactured by Wyeth-Ayerst) has been discontinued.