CISA Resources for Healthcare Professionals

CISA develops and contributes to tools for health care providers on key vaccine safety issues. Below are examples of algorithms developed by CISA experts to aid in clinical decision-making.

Review of case reports of adverse events following immunizations.

Published in: Halsey NA, Edwards KM, Dekker CL, Klein NP, Baxter R, et al. Algorithm to assess causality after individual adverse events following immunizations.External Vaccine. 2012 Aug 24;30(39):5791-8.

An algorithm for the management of suspected allergic reactions to vaccines.

Published in: Wood RA, Berger M, Dreskin SC, Setse R, Engler RJM. Algorithm for treatment of patients with hypersensitivity reactions after vaccines.External Pediatrics. 2008 September; 122(3): e771-7.