Vaccine Safety Information for Healthcare Providers

Healthcare providers play an important role in vaccine safety.

It is up to healthcare providers to ensure that vaccines are stored, handled, and administered properly to ensure the best possible results.

When talking with patients, healthcare providers ensure that patients receive the recommended vaccines. Providers share important information about vaccine benefits and risks, and answer questions about common vaccine safety concerns. Providers must be knowledgeable about precautions and contraindications and be prepared to manage vaccine reactions.

Healthcare providers also contribute to what we know about vaccine safety by reporting adverse events. The Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) relies on receiving adverse event information from providers.

Talking to Patients about Vaccine Safety
Talking to Patients About Vaccine Safety

How to answer common questions about vaccine side effects and other vaccine safety issues.

Reporting Vaccine Safety Adverse Events

Reporting Adverse Events
What adverse events to report, how to submit reports, and why.

Resources for Healthcare Providers

Resources for Healthcare Providers
Vaccine safety training and continuing education, reports, and publications.