Childhood Vaccination Toolkit for Clinicians

Get Kids Caught Up on Recommended Vaccines for a Safer Return to School

COVID-19 disrupted both in-person learning and routine well-child visits for many children over the last year. As a result, too many children have fallen behind on receiving recommended vaccines.

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CDC’s public sector vaccine ordering data show a 14% drop in 2020-2021 compared to 2019, and measles vaccine is down by more than 20%.

Children need to get caught up now so that they are protected as they go back to in-person learning and summer camps. Healthcare providers can identify families whose children have missed doses and contact them to schedule appointments. Providers can also let families know what precautions are in place for safe delivery of in-person services.

Call to Action

Help Kids’ Safe Return to School – Get Caught Up on Recommended Vaccines

Please see CDC’s Call to Action which highlights ways healthcare systems, health care providers, schools, state and local governments, and families can help get children caught up on vaccinations.

Page last reviewed: July 26, 2021