Talking to Parents about Vaccines

Many parents have questions about their children’s vaccines, and answering their questions can help parents feel confident in choosing to immunize their child according to the CDC’s recommended immunization schedule. The materials below are intended to help health care professionals start or continue conversations with parents.

The materials include proven communication strategies and tips for effectively addressing questions you may hear from parents, as well as information for parents who choose not to vaccinate. There is also a video featuring a CDC pediatrician answering tough vaccine questions—It may be helpful for you as well as for parents in your practice.

Talking with Parents about Vaccines for Infants

For health care professionals

These resources provide guidance for structuring effective vaccine conversations and answering parent questions.

Talking with Parents about Vaccines for Infants

Talking with Parents about Vaccines for Infants
Learn conversational techniques and find resources for discussing vaccines with parents.

Preparing for Vaccine Questions Parents May Ask

Preparing for Questions Parents May Ask About Vaccines
Many parents have similar questions about vaccines. Prepare for common parent questions and learn techniques for your immunization conversations.

Talk to Parents about HPV Vaccine

Quick Responses to Infant Vaccine Questions
Use this printable handout to train staff on how to address parents’ questions about vaccines for children and adolescents.