Diseases & the Vaccines that Prevent Them

Because of vaccines, some diseases (like polio and diphtheria) are becoming rare in the U.S. Vaccination can prevent certain deadly diseases in infants, children, teens, adults and travelers of all ages.

See below for recommended and non-routine vaccines by disease in the U.S., vaccines recommended by age and travel destination, and detailed vaccination and disease information.

putting pen to form for immunization records by disease

Recommended U.S. immunizations and non-routine immunizations for people in certain jobs and travel situations.

group of people of various ages

These vaccines are recommended for infants, children, teenagers and adults of certain ages.

plane in flight above the clouds

Travelers may need these vaccines because there is a risk of certain diseases in countries they are visiting.

Who Should NOT Get Vaccinated With These Vaccines?

Some people should not get certain vaccinations or should wait before receiving a vaccine. Find out who should avoid which vaccines.

What Are the Possible Side Effects from Vaccines?

Any vaccine can cause side effects, which are usually minor. These are the side effects associated with each vaccine licensed in the U.S.

Page last reviewed: November 22, 2016