Human Papillomavirus (HPV) Vaccination Information for Clinicians

CDC recommends HPV vaccination for children at ages 11 or 12 years to protect against HPV infections that can cause some cancers later in life. Vaccination can be started at age 9 and is recommended through age 26 years for those who did not get adequately vaccinated when they were younger. Research shows that healthcare professionals are parents’ most trusted source of information about the HPV vaccine. CDC encourages healthcare professionals to recommend HPV vaccination in the same way and on the same day that they recommend other vaccines for adolescents.

HPV Vaccine Recommendations

ACIP recommendations, general precautions and contraindications, pregnancy precautions, safety of HPV vaccine

About HPV Vaccines

HPV vaccine composition, immunogenicity, and efficacy

Storage and Handling

Best practices for HPV vaccine

Administering HPV Vaccine

Dosage and schedule, preparation and administration, and co-administration with other vaccines

HPV Vaccine Safety and Effectiveness

Summary of safety, effectiveness, and duration of protection data

Paying for HPV Vaccine

The Vaccines for Children (VFC) program

Resources, Education & References for HPV Vaccine

Vaccine package inserts and additional materials for patients and healthcare professionals

You Call the Shots
You call the shots (YCTS)

You Call the Shots is an interactive, web-based immunization training course. It consists of modules that discuss vaccine-preventable diseases and explain the latest recommendations for vaccine use. Each module provides learning opportunities, self-test practice questions, reference and resource materials, and an extensive glossary.