Educational Materials

Materials for Your Office Staff

CDC’s educational resources can help educate you and your office staff on the latest information and guidance on HPV vaccination, best practices for communicating with parents and patients, and tips for boosting your vaccination rates. Sharing these resources with office staff also helps ensure a consistent message to parents and patients about the importance of HPV vaccination.

Materials to Give Parents

Providing educational resources to parents will help them understand the importance of vaccinating their children, answer many of their questions about vaccination, and reinforce your recommendation.

Basic HPV Fact Sheet

Basic HPV fact sheet.

A one-page fact sheet that provides basic information about HPV and HPV vaccine.

English | Spanish

HPV Vaccine Safety Fact Sheet

HPV vaccine safety fact sheet.

A one-page fact sheet for parents about HPV vaccine safety, effectiveness, and duration of protection.

English | Spanish

Adolescent Vaccines Fact Sheet

Adolescent Vaccines fact sheet.

A one-page fact sheet that gives a brief overview of all the vaccines preteens and teens need.

English | Spanish

Parent-friendly immunization schedule: for children 7–18 years old

Parent-friendly immunization schedule: 7-18 Years.

Easy-to-read schedule that shows parents when preteens and teens need vaccines.

English | Spanish

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