Your Health Matters

Your Health Matters
Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkit

Looking for content to help your followers #StopHIVTogether? We’ve got you covered! This edition of our Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkit contains ready-to-go messages for posting on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

Let's Stop HIV Together

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Social Media Content

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Sample Copy

New Week, New Goals! Let’s start strong by finding new ways to practice #selfcare. Prioritizing your #mentalhealth is important on your #HIV journey.

Find resources:

#StopHIVTogether #postivevibes #success #selflove #loveyourself #mindset #inspire #goals

Take some time for yourself. Here are some ways you can manage stress:

✔️Go for a walk 🚶‍♂️

✔️Take some deep breaths 🧘

✔️Get peace of mind by knowing your #HIV status

Knowing your #HIV status can help you take control by choosing options to stay healthy.

Learn more:


Take steps to prioritize your #sexualhealth, like using #PrEP and #condoms. Find out what #HIV prevention options work for you:


Yoel reminds us that #sexualhealth is an important part of our lives. Make #HIV testing part of your health care routine. Learn more about HIV testing:


Take control of your #sexualhealth so you can focus on what matters to you! Learn more about your #HIV prevention options, like using #condoms or taking #PrEP, and decide what works best for YOU:


With #HIV testing, condoms, PrEP, and treatment, there are many ways to stay healthy. Find the options that work best for you:

#StopHIVTogether #HIVTesting #condoms #prep #HIVTreatmentWorks

HIV stigma negatively impacts everyone’s health regardless of a person’s #HIV status. Take steps to #StopHIVStigma in your community. Learn how:


Tiffany is more than her #HIV status. When we support people with HIV, we make it easier for them to live fuller lives.

Take steps to support those you love:


Staying on #HIV treatment is only one part of living well. It also means focusing on your mental and emotional well-being.

Find resources to help you on your HIV journey:


#DYK? When people with #HIV take their meds as prescribed, they can be #undetectable. This means they can live long, healthy lives and will not transmit HIV to their partners.

Learn more:

#StopHIVTogether #UequalsU

Spanish Content

El estigma contra las personas que tienen #VIH afecta su bienestar, su salud mental y hasta su acceso a tratamiento.

Aprende cómo puedes detener el estigma del VIH:

English translation: HIV stigma against people with HIV affects their health, mental health, and even their access to treatment. Learn how you can stop HIV stigma:

El VIH no define nuestras amistades. Cuando apoyamos a personas con el #VIH, les ayudamos a que se mantengan saludables. Aprende cómo puedes detener el estigma del VIH:

English translation: HIV doesn’t define our friendships. When we support people with #VIH, we help them stay healthy. Learn how you can stop HIV stigma:

Haz que tu salud sea una de las prioridades en tu vida. Toma control con una prueba del #VIH:


English translation: Make your health one of the priorities in your life. Take control with an HIV test: