Harm Reduction Works Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkit

Harm Reduction Works
Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkit

Looking to share relevant information on harm reduction and HIV for people who use or inject drugs? We’ve got you covered! This edition of our Let’s Stop HIV Together social media toolkit contains ready-to-go messages for posting on Instagram, Facebook, and X (formerly Twitter).

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Whether a person with HIV is using drugs or in recovery, staying on HIV treatment is an important step to living well with HIV.

Learn more about HIV treatment: cdc.gov/HIVTreatment


PrEP is a great way to prevent HIV for you AND your community.

Learn more: cdc.gov/HIVPrEP


HIV stigma can prevent people from getting treatment and maintaining their health.

Shelbi educates others in her community on what it means to be #undectectable in an effort to #StopHIVStigma.

#UequalsU #StopHIVTogether

Through harm reduction locations you can:

✅ Access #HIV testing and prevention services
✅ Get new needles and syringes
✅ Dispose of used needles
✅ Prevent HIV and Hep C

Find a location near you: https://nasen.org/

#StopHIVTogether #HarmReduction

Focusing on your mental health can improve your well-being and help you stay on HIV treatment and prevent HIV.

Learn more: SAMHSA.gov/Find-Help

#StopHIVTogether #HarmReductionSavesLives

If you are in drug addiction recovery and out of HIV care, today can be the day you get back on HIV treatment.

Learn more about staying in HIV care: cdc.gov/HIVTreatment

#StopHIVTogether #HarmReductionSavesLives

PrEP is one tool you can use to prevent HIV from sex and injection drug use, even when your judgment might be impaired. PrEParing with PrEP is one way to make sure you stay healthy before, during, and after any celebrations.

Find a PrEP provider near you: cdc.gov/HIVPrEP

#StopHIVTogether #PrEPared #HarmReductionSavesLives

Let’s talk about it: Stigma surrounding drug use impacts people’s ability to connect to care. When we treat people with compassion instead of stigma, we help them along their journey to recovery and treatment.

Learn how you can help: cdc.gov/StopHIVStigma

#StopHIVTogether #HarmReductionSavesLives

Harm reduction matters!
If you don’t have access to new syringes, then properly cleaning your syringes can help prevent HIV and hepatitis.

Learn how: cdc.gov/hiv/basics/hiv-prevention/inject-drugs.html


Spanish Language Content

El camino del tratamiento del #VIH es diferente para todos, y eso está bien. Puede haber barreras, pero siempre puedes encontrar una ruta alternativa.

Aprende más para encontrar tu camino al tratamiento del VIH y otros recursos: cdc.gov/TratamientoDelVIH

# DetengamosJuntosElVIH

English translation: The #HIV treatment journey is different for everyone, and that’s okay. There may be barriers, but you can always find an alternative route.

Learn more to find your path to HIV treatment and other resources: