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Let's Stop HIV Together

Looking for content to promote HIV prevention? We’ve got you covered! This edition of our Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkit contains ready-to-go messages you can post on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

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Social Media Content

Simply click the images in the left column to view or download them. The copy samples in the right column can be used for Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Keep in mind, however, that URLs do not become active links when used in a feed post on Instagram. If you would like to direct Instagram users to an external webpage, you can do so with a story post by using the call to action feature, which then redirects users when they “swipe up.”


Sample Copy

Take control of your #SexualHealth by learning more about your #HIV prevention options, like using condoms or taking PrEP. Learn more and decide what works best for you! #StopHIVTogether

There are many ways we can #StopHIVTogether. Whether it’s using condoms, taking PrEP, or staying on treatment, we all have a part to play. Find out what you can do:

If taken as prescribed, #PrEP is highly effective for preventing #HIV. Spread the word and learn more: #StopHIVTogether

“Knowing I’m undetectable gives me power.”
Find out more about this superhero power and how #HIV treatment can keep you healthy and protect others: #StopHIVTogether #TalkUndetectable

Jontraye explains how #PrEP makes him feel empowered to take control of his own health. Learn more about PrEP: #StopHIVTogether

Tye explains, “It is our job as faith leaders to help you navigate and get through to your next moment.” Preventing HIV is a community effort. #StopHIVTogether by exploring all of your #HIV prevention options:

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Sample Copy

Be the boss you know you are! Join us in spreading the word to help prevent HIV. Find out what #HIV prevention options work for you: #StopHIVTogether

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Sample Copy

Check out the new HIV Prevention materials!

It’s a new year, and the #StopHIVTogether campaign has new materials! Check out newly released #HIV prevention materials:

PrEP = Freedom

PrEP gives you the freedom to take control of your sexual health and prevent #HIV: #StopHIVTogether

It's your sex life. Choose what's right for you.

Your sexual health matters! Taking control of your sex life means knowing your #HIV prevention options, like using condoms,  taking PrEP, and making the best decision for YOU. Explore your options:

Let's Stop HIV Together. Photo of three African-American men.

#StartTalkingHIV with your partner to take the next step and bring your relationship to a new level. We can all help #StopHIVTogether. Learn more:

Take daily PrEP

During uncertain times, one thing you can be sure of is that #PrEP is highly effective at preventing #HIV:

✔️ Visit

✔️ Scroll down to find the PrEP locator

✔️ Type in your zip code to find a PrEP provider near you.