Educate Others About HIV Stigma

Educate Others About HIV Stigma

You can make a difference in stopping HIV stigma by learning more about HIV and sharing that knowledge with others. You can do this in person or on social media. All that matters is that you take action.

Take action with our Stop HIV Stigma pledge cards!
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Use the Stop HIV Stigma pledge cards to commit to helping create and sustain communities that promote awareness, understanding, and acceptance of people with HIV.

The Stop HIV Stigma pledge cards will help you lead by example and may help those around you assess and recognize their own attitudes and perceptions.

Download, customize, and share the pledge cards to fight stigma and raise awareness of HIV misinformation. You can share your customizable pledge cards on your website, blog, social media channels, and other digital outlets.

Take Action on Social Media

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Create your own social media posts about HIV and HIV stigma to help start conversations among your friends, family, and followers!

Tips and ideas to help you get started in creating your social media posts:

  • Remember to keep it positive, show empathy and tune in to comments on your posts.
  • Listen and respond thoughtfully to what others have to say, or questions they may have.
  • Use #StopHIVStigma or #StopHIVTogether in your posts.
  • Link to Let’s Stop HIV Together website pages or social media accounts in your posts.
  • Double-check statements before posting to make sure they are based on facts.
  • Share how HIV has touched your life.

Share these sample social media posts!

Sample Facebook Posts & Tweets
  • Small gestures go a long way to help end HIV stigma. A handshake or hug can say “you matter, not your HIV status.” #StopHIVStigma
  • An HIV stigma-free future for everyone can begin with family. When’s the last time you’ve talked about HIV at home? #StopHIVTogether
  • A welcoming community can make such a difference for someone with HIV. What are ways we can all build support today? #StopHIVStigma
  • I’m planning to get tested for HIV soon. When’s the last time you got tested, and what was your experience like? #StopHIVTogether
Sample Instagram Posts
Take Action Face-to-Face

We have resources to help you educate others about HIV stigma in everyday situations. Check out our stigma language guide and stigma scenarios for some tips on what to say and how to act to address stigma including with friends, family, co-workers, or community.

Are you an organization invested in improving the lives of people with HIV? Learn what organizations can do to help end HIV stigma. Additional resources are available to help you.

Learn the basics about HIV stigma