Multi-topic Toolkit (November 2019)

Let's Stop HIV Together

Looking for content to promote HIV prevention, testing, treatment, and anti-stigma messaging to your social media audiences? We’ve got you covered!

Our Let’s Stop HIV Together Social Media Toolkits contain sample images and text that you can use on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Scroll down to browse some of our recent posts.

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HIV Treatment Works Campaign (HIV Treatment Content)

Image displays a medical provider smiling with a stethoscope.

#HIVTreatmentWorks best when you take your HIV medicines as prescribed and stay in touch with your provider. Learn more:

Image displays a pill bottle with pill and tablets emerging from its opening, along with the following text: There are many treatment options. Find what works for you!

Is your #HIV treatment working for you? If not, talk to your healthcare provider. They can help you find a different combination of medicines. Learn more: #HIVTreatmentWorks

Image displays three pills above a daily pill container.

Trouble remembering to take your #HIV meds? There are ways to make your regimen easier, such as using a pill container or a mobile app. Learn more: #HIVTreatmentWorks

Image displays two pills in the subject’s left hand and a cup of water in his/her right hand, along with the following text: Take every pill every day as directed.

#HIVTreatmentWorks to help you get and keep an #undetectable viral load. Remember to take meds daily, as prescribed. Learn more #TalkUndetectable

Start Talking. Stop HIV. Campaign (Gay and Bisexual Male Content)

Image displays two men sitting inside holding hands while gazing at each other.

Relationships can take some work, but #HIV prevention does not have to be hard. #StartTalkingPrEP with your partner(s) and your doctor today. Visit for more information.

Image displays portions of the bodies of two men sitting down and facing each other, with a condom in one of their hands.

#PrEP can greatly reduce the risk of HIV, but only #condoms protect against other #STDs like syphilis and gonorrhea. #StartTalkingCondoms

Image displays the upper body of a man who is holding a glass of water in one hand and a blue pill in the palm of his other hand.

#StartTalkingPrEP with your friends and partners. Visit for more info about #PrEP.

Image displays two men opening an at-home HIV test kit.

Knowing your #HIV status is empowering. It allows you to keep yourself and your sex partner(s) safe. #StartTalkingHIV #StartTalkingTesting

Image displays two men smiling/laughing while sitting on a beach.

Even though summer has come to an end, don’t forget to keep the conversation going. #StartTalkingHIV

Stop HIV Stigma Campaign (HIV Stigma Content)

Image displays two athletic young men talking to each other while sitting on a bench on the side ostensibly on the side of a basketball court.

Combating #stigma is critical to getting to no new #HIV cases in the U.S. Encourage others to get tested and speak out against HIV stigma. Learn how: #StopHIVTogether

Image displays a pair of hands affectionately holding another person’s hand, along with the following text: Help stop HIV stigma.

Together, we can all combat #HIV stigma. Everyone deserves #support. Learn more at #StopHIVStigma.

Image displays an animation of six women with arms linked in solidarity, along with the following text: Together we can end HIV stigma.

Together, we can change attitudes and #StopHIVStigma. Learn how:

Image displays five young adults casually smiling, along with the following text: You can help stop HIV stigma. Find out how.

#DYK stigma against youth (ages 13-24) with #HIV can cause them to not get the care they need? How we talk about HIV matters. Learn more: #StopHIVStigma

Image displays a medical provider holding a pill bottle while speaking to a male patient.

Providers: Be aware of #HIV stigma helps create an inclusive environment for people with HIV. Learn more about avoiding stigma at #StopHIVStigma

Doing It Campaign (HIV Testing Content)

Image displays a man reading a map while sitting in the back of a pick-up truck, with a woman ostensibly pointing toward their destination, and another man looking in that direction through a pair of binoculars.

Get tested today to steer your #sexualhealth in the right direction. #DoingIt

Image displays the lower legs of two men facing each other while standing barefoot on a rocky beach, along with the following text:  Are you doing it for each other?

Testing for #HIV can give you important information and help keep you and your partners safe. #DoingIt

Image displays two men casually kissing and holding an open book that partially hides their faces, along with the following text: It’s no mystery. Doing it is fast, free & confidential.

Testing for #HIV can give you important information and help keep you and your partners safe. #DoingIt

Image displays a man applying a pinch of salt to the ingredients of the meal he is preparing, along with the following text: Are you doing it with spice?

Get tested for #HIV today! #DoingIt and knowing your status helps you take charge of your #sexualhealth. Learn more:

Image displays one hand holding another person’s hand with rainbow ribbons on both of their wrists, along with the following text: How often are you doing it?

You don’t need to be alone when you’re #DoingIt! You can get tested with a friend, partner, or family member. Find a testing site at