Why Are Partners Key?

CDC partners extend the reach of Let’s Stop HIV Together (Together) and its various campaigns. National organizations, public health organizations, media and other partners help us to promote HIV awareness, prevention, testing, and treatment messaging wherever Americans live, work, play, worship, and learn.

What are the benefits of becoming a partner?

CDC provides partners with varying degrees of technical assistance, including the development of HIV prevention materials for dissemination at local events, digital resources, capacity building, strategic guidance for national and local activities, and linkages to other national and local partners.

Some of the other benefits of a partnership include:

A national platform for partners to highlight their HIV prevention, testing, and treatment efforts.

Garnering respect and brand loyalty by demonstrating a commitment to education and empowerment around HIV, which can attract positive consumer sentiment and generate financial returns.

Access to accurate, timely, and relevant HIV information, resources, and peer-based technical assistance from the Together campaign.

Connectivity to a diverse network of like-minded individuals, organizations, businesses, and other institution facilitated by the Together campaign.