National Immunization Survey

The National Immunization Surveys (NIS) are a group of telephone surveys sponsored and conducted by CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases (NCIRD). From 2011 through 2017, the National Immunization Surveys used a dual frame survey design, including landline and cell phone numbers for household interviews with parents or guardians. Since 2018, the NIS has been administered as a single frame cellular phone survey. If the parent or guardian provides consent and contact information, a mailed questionnaire is sent to children’s vaccination providers.

About NIS

Data and Documentation

Public use data files and documentation: NIS Data, Tables, and Documentation | CDC

Restricted-use Dataset:

NIS-Child (NIS-Child)

NIS- Teen (NIS-Teen)

NIS- Flu (NIS -Flu)

NIS- Child COVID Module (NIS- CCM)

NIS- Adult COVID Module (NIS-ACM)

Codebooks are not available for restricted-use datasets. Review the questionnaires to determine the variables you would like to access in your proposal.


Location of Access:


Your request for access to restricted-use data is captured within the RDC proposal. In the proposal, please thoroughly explain your research need for access to restricted-use variables, your analytic plan, how you intend to report your results, and the exact output you need for your near final product (e.g., paper, journal article or presentation). All sections of the proposal must be filled-out and clearly stated.  Submit your proposal as one document to

Confidentiality and Disclosure

After the proposal is approved, all members of the research team are required to complete the Confidentiality Training.  Please submit your Confidentiality Training certificate and signed, notarized non-disclosure affidavit to your RDC Analyst along with the Data Use Agreement.  For more information, see:  Confidentiality and Disclosure 

Review Output for Disclosure Risk

All output submitted for a disclosure review must be the near final product and it must match the output described in your approved proposal.  We will not review frequency distributions or other large volumes of output.  For more information, see: Output Policies and Procedures (hyperlink to

Approved Projects – Next Steps

The RDC Approved Projects – Next Steps outlines the process with the following exception(s):

  • Data set creation – the variables listed in the data dictionary included in your proposal format will be extracted from the data files to create the analytic data set you will access to conduct your research.

Always discuss next steps with your RDC Analyst.