Caring for Pregnant Women

  • CDC recommends that pregnant women should not travel to areas with a Zika outbreak (as indicated by red areas on the Zika map). Before travel to other areas with risk of Zika (as indicated by purple areas on the Zika map), pregnant women should discuss their travel plans with their healthcare provider and carefully consider the risks and possible consequences of travel to these areas. If a pregnant woman must travel to one of these areas, she should be counseled to strictly follow steps to avoid mosquito bites and prevent sexual transmission of Zika during and after the trip.
  • CDC’s Zika virus testing recommendations for pregnant women are available on the Zika and Testing webpage.

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Clinical Summary Form – This form can facilitate communication about possible Zika exposure during pregnancy from an obstetrician to a pediatrician. The Obstetrics provider can fill out the initial section about maternal Zika exposure or infection and then send the form to the pediatrician for infant follow-up.

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