Couples Trying to Conceive

  • It is important for women and their partners who live in or travel to areas with a Zika outbreak or other areas with risk of Zika to plan their pregnancies in the context of the risk of Zika. Healthcare providers should discuss reproductive life plans, including pregnancy intentions and timing of pregnancy with women of reproductive age.
  • CDC’s Zika virus testing recommendations for nonpregnant women and men are available on the Zika and Testing webpage.
  • CDC recommends women and men diagnosed with Zika or who have possible exposure to Zika through sex or travel wait before trying to conceive.
    • For couples traveling together or a man traveling without his partner: Wait at least 3 months after return or start of symptoms.
    • For women traveling without her male partner: Wait at least 2 months after return or start of symptoms.

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Zika contraception guidance

Helping women who want to delay or avoid pregnancy during the Zika outbreak can reduce Zika-related outcomes.