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Mapping Changes in Inequities in COVID-19 Vaccinations Relative to Deaths in Chicago, Illinois


Four map panels correspond to the racial or ethnic majority of zip codes’ populations. The maps include shading for the following equity index values: <0.70, 0.70–0.79, 0.80–0.99, 1.00–1.25, and >1.25. Most majority Black zip codes account for a larger share of the city’s deaths due to COVID-19 than its vaccinated population while most zip codes with White or Asian majorities account for a larger share of the city’s vaccinated population than deaths due to COVID-19. Four of 7 zip codes that experienced improvements in equity since June 2021 are majority Hispanic. In 3 zip codes, the Black and Hispanic populations together form a majority but neither group alone accounts for a majority.

COVID-19 vaccination equity index by zip code, Chicago, Illinois, July 2022, and improvements in equity index since June 2021. The maps display the COVID-19 vaccination equity index measure, calculated as the relative ratio of vaccinations to deaths by zip code in Chicago through July 2022. The map outlines in bold the 7 zip codes that experienced improvements of more than 0.1 as measured by this equity index from June 2021 to July 2022. Sources: Chicago Department of Health and US Census Bureau.

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