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Association Between Tobacco Retailer Density and Smoking Among Adults With Diabetes and Serious Mental Illness in New York State


A map of New York State shows the state divided into 4 classifications of tobacco retailer density per 10,000 population: 6 to less than 8 retailers, 8 to less than 11 retailers, 11 to less than 13 retailers, and 13 to 17 retailers. We observed the highest density of tobacco retailers (13–17 per 10,000 population) in parts of New York City, the city of Niagara Falls at the western end of the state, the Mid-Hudson Valley region, where small cities are scattered throughout the rural valley, and the remote northern Adirondack Mountain region. The lowest density of tobacco retailers (6–8 per 10,000 population) tended to cluster in the central and western regions.

Three-digit zip code–level tobacco retailer density per 10,000 population in New York State, 2017.

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