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Identifying Patient Strengths Instruments and Examining Their Relevance for Chronic Disease Management: A Systematic Review


Database searching identified 3,275 records; other records identified through hand search were 7 systematic reviews and 694 validation articles. Screening removed 1,807 duplicate records, leaving 2,169 articles. In screening the records, 2,057 articles were excluded during title and abstract review: 1,527 for not being strengths related, 208 for not being published in English, and 322 for studying children and adolescents only. Of the 112 full-text articles assessed for eligibility, 86 were excluded because they were non-English, non–peer reviewed, or not strength-relevant studies. This yielded 20 studies to include in the qualitative synthesis. Some studies had multiple strengths instruments, thereby producing 26 instruments for review.

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Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analyses (PRISMA) flow diagram to obtain studies of strengths instruments to be analyzed for their relevance for chronic disease management.

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