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“We’re, Like, the Most Unhealthy People in the Country”: Using an Equity Lens to Reduce Barriers to Healthy Food Access in Rural Appalachia


This image shows 4 quadrants, at the center of which is a balanced scale. In the upper right corner is Reduce Deterrents to Health Behaviors, the components of which are promotion of unhealthy products, higher costs of healthy foods, threats to personal safety, discrimination, and social exclusion. In the lower right is Build Community Capacity, the components of which are empowered communities, strategic partnerships, entrepreneurship, behavior change knowledge and skills, and promotion of healthy behaviors. In the lower left is Improve Social and Economic Resources, the components of which are anti-hunger programs, economic development, legal services, education and job training, and housing subsidies and tax credits. In the upper left is Increase Healthy Options, the components of which are food retail and provision, schools and worksites, built environment, parks and recreation, and transport.


Getting to Equity framework for obesity prevention. Source: Kumanyika (9). Reprinted with permission from the National Academy of Sciences, Courtesy of the National Academies Press, Washington, DC.

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