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Overweight, Obesity, and Late-Life Sarcopenia Among Men With Cardiovascular Disease, Israel


There were 1,232 participants in the Bezafibrate Infarction Prevention trial (1990–1997). From this study, 686 participants were excluded: 214 died, 259 refused, 102 could not be contacted, 45 had dementia, 54 had missing data, and 12 were women. Five hundred forty-six participants took part in the first follow-up assessment (time 1) (2004–2009). From this study, 195 participants were excluded: 114 died, 58 refused, 4 could not be contacted, and 19 had dementia or were otherwise unable to participate. Three hundred fifty-one participants took part in the second follow-up assessment (time 2) (2011–2013). Fourteen participants were excluded because of incomplete body mass index and sarcopenia measurements, resulting in 337 participants with complete body mass index and sarcopenia measurements.


Study flowchart. Participants from 8 hospitals in central Israel were initially recruited for the Bezafibrate Infarction Prevention (BIP) clinical trial of lipid modification during 1990–1997 and were also in the BIP Neurocognitive Study. The BIP Neurocognitive Study consisted of 2 follow-up evaluations: time 1 (2004–2009) and time 2 (2011–2013).

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