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Core Competencies for Chronic Disease Prevention Practice


The figure is a flow chart consisting of 5 boxes arranged in 4 levels. The top level is step 1: 2007 Competencies review. Below this is the second level with step 2: environmental scan and alignment review and step 3: stakeholder input. Below this is the third level with step 4: recommendations development. Finally, the fourth level is step 5: adoption and implementation. The steps are connected via arrows showing the direction of influence. Arrows starting at step 1 end at step 2, step 3, and step 4. Arrows starting at step 2 end at step 3 and step 4. The arrow starting at step 3 ends at step 4. Arrows starting at step 4 end at step 3 and step 5.

Iterative 5-step process for refining and implementing the Core Chronic Disease Prevention Competencies, 2015–2018.

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